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Monthly Archives: March 2014

newbies #8

I haven’t got much to say (now, that’s weird, right?!) – and I’m not sure why. Never mind… I make the rulesView full post »

newbies #7

…and the shadow obsession continues! Actually – I’d hardly say I was obsessed, but it’s certainly what my eye isView full post »

newbies #6

Right place, right time. Right place, right time. So (so!) many of my photographs really do rely on me being in just the right location atView full post »

newbies #5

I had some time to kill yesterday afternoon so I went on a little expedition (!!!) – and since then, I’ve come to theView full post »

newbies #4

I took so many photos yesterday I had to split it into two instalments…! I cannot begin to explain how much ridiculous enjoyment IView full post »

finally… newbies #3

Again… I nearly didn’t make it to the spot I wanted to photograph today. Again… I very nearly said that it wasn’tView full post »


I have tried so hard to get out and take photos lately, but things keep happening. Stuff needs to get done. Even the best plans can be soView full post »

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