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Monthly Archives: September 2014

newbies #83

I can’t believe I’m up to edition #83 of my newbies (and I still think that’s a ridiculous name) – this post makesView full post »

newbies #82

Right. This is a feeble attempt to clear the backlog – so be prepared for a lot of photos in a hurry… and it’s prettyView full post »

newbies #81

I wasn’t supposed to take any photos this weekend. Seriously – that was the plan… until I drove past somewhere amazingView full post »

newbies #80

Today I went out for lunch and decided that I should drive past a place I’ve wanted to photograph (for a little while) on my wayView full post »

before / after #9

I love these two in comparison – finding that space the first time I was there came as a big surprise, and finding how much it hadView full post »

newbies #79

My massive backlog from a big photo walk three weeks ago is now almost cleared, but in true Anni form, I’ve taken a fair few sinceView full post »

newbies #78

# 2 of the yellow + blue series – these were taken a while ago now, so I’ve got very little to say! The first photo makes meView full post »

newbies #77

WARNING: The next three posts (including this one) are predominantly grey, blue and yellow. I’ve got absolutely no idea how thatView full post »

newbies #76

There’s a photo in this series that I was a little intimidated to go and take by myself… so I asked my lovely husband to comeView full post »

newbies #75

This post should be entitled the ‘Shadow Files’ or something similar – because that is all it is. Two stairwells, oneView full post »

before/after #8

I’ve driven past this wall what feels like a million times, but I’ve never stopped to take a photo of it. So, when the blackView full post »

newbies #74

Do not let the length of this post fool you into thinking that I don’t have a lot of photos to go through, because I do. The honestView full post »

newbies #73

…and here ends the Toowoomba collection! I haven’t been taking a whole lot of photos lately, but don’t worry… IView full post »

newbies #72

Photo number 2 (or the one that should be titled #3, whichever way you want to look at it!) is the Toowoomba location I’ve wanted toView full post »

before / after #7

…or, in this case – more like before/after/after. I drive past this place every day and it has been interesting watching theView full post »

newbies #71

Here I was thinking that I was getting towards the tail end of my Toowoomba collection… nope! Still a few more to go. Firstly, let meView full post »

collection #3

I’ve been a bit slack with collections… and there’s really only two reasons: they take longer, and it also meansView full post »

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