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Yearly Archives: 2014

newbies #68

A miscellaneous collection of leftovers… for some unknown reason, I don’t want to mix cities in one post.View full post »

newbies #67

This weekend is the first weekend in months and months and months where I haven’t been out to take photos… whilst I’mView full post »

newbies #66

My ‘rebel streak’ continues (whatever!) – there was a speed camera van parked directly in front of this first spot…View full post »

before / after #5

Weirdly, most of my before/afters involve red… it is the most common colour (other than grey/neutral!) that I seem to find, but IView full post »

newbies #65

I’ve been such a rebel lately… for the first time (I think?), I’ve climbed through a fence and ‘properly’View full post »

newbies #64

I have found some seriously interesting places recently… and I know I go on about how many of them are in areas I’ve been aView full post »

newbies #63

I’m clearly still obsessed with shadows, since there’s only one in this lot that doesn’t have them!View full post »

before / after #4

Another drastic before/after… and to be honest, I think I liked both versions of this building! The business is ‘RedstarView full post »

newbies #62

I’ve taken a photo of that green/red/black wall before… for some reason I didn’t take a photo that included the window,View full post »

newbies #61

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.View full post »

before / after #3

This is one of the more drastic before/afters, and I’ve got a few more to come. To be honest, I think this place has changed a coupleView full post »

newbies #60

I took more photos today than I realised I did… which makes the backlog definitely worse. I’m up to post 60… I’veView full post »

newbies #59

My blog post sadly got lost when I went to post it, and I have no recollection of what I said… which brings me to the conclusion thatView full post »

newbies #58

… and we’re back in Brisbane! I think I’ve been to the location of the first photo at least three times previously toView full post »

newbies #57

This marks the end of my ‘away from Brisbane’ little series – and I still have some serious images to post! Don’tView full post »

before / after #2

I’m not entirely sure where I’m heading with this series – some of them show a completely different business, a differentView full post »

collection #2

…and here’s collection #2! There’s something weirdly therapeutic about arranging images into groups (don’t ask,View full post »

newbies #56

My Stanthorpe/ Warwick collection is all about blue – partly due to the sky, but for some reason there was also a lot of it.View full post »

newbies #55

Lots of photo related thinking going on in my brain at the moment… but none about words to accompany my photos, unfortunately! ThisView full post »

before / after #1

Here’s my second category/series thingie – ‘before’s and ‘afters’. I know I’ve written about howView full post »

newbies #54

I’d like to say I have no idea how this happened, but that would be a lie. I’ve given up scrolling through my thousands ofView full post »

collection #1

There are times when I really notice themes in my photos – sometimes it’s a colour, sometimes it’s the way I composeView full post »

newbies #53

ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod… backlog officially CLEARED! Hell yes. Well… that is if I don’t look at the photos IView full post »

newbies #52

I had grand plans for post #50 – that’s well and truly been and gone! Never mind… I’ll save that idea up for whenView full post »

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