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Yearly Archives: 2014

newbies #51

It seems like an eternity ago that I took these photos (actually – it was July 5 & 6, I went and had a look!). Last one is newView full post »

newbies #50

After this, I’ve got three more posts until I clear the backlog… well, that’s before I go and take more photos over theView full post »

newbies #49

So… these three ‘groups’ of photos have a little story to go with them. I decided to post them like this so that IView full post »

newbies #48

I’m getting there… slowly. On a side note, I’m mighty proud of what I’m finding and the photos I’ve beenView full post »

newbies #47

You come here for the pictures, not the words… right? Good! I took these two weeks ago (I think. I have no idea), and I’ve gotView full post »

newbies #46

So many photos, so little time. That’s a lie and I know it, but I’m a bit busy at the moment to think about photos.View full post »

newbies #45

Yeah… I’ve got nothing, so the pictures can do the talking today. Enjoy!View full post »

newbies #44

Mammoth post alert! This is a last minute attempt to clear some of the backlog… because I sure as hell know I’m not going toView full post »

newbies #43

ARGH! How did this happen?! I’m so, so behind – just shy of 600 photographs to go through from the last two weekends.View full post »

newbies #42

Today, I’m posting one photo only. There’s a few reasons behind it, and to be honest… the majority of that is because IView full post »

newbies #41

I’ve only got one real reason for posting these today… clearing the slate before the weekend brings either the inevitable photoView full post »

newbies #40

Sometimes I know what I’m going to write – some random story that has been inspired by my photographs. Other times it comes toView full post »

newbies #39

Today was all about shadows, and fabulous light. Well – amazing light on one hand, but headachey light on the other hand! (except forView full post »

newbies #38

While I’ve been all over Brisbane and through plenty of industrial areas taking photographs, I’m still a little terrified ofView full post »

newbies #37

More from my expedition on the weekend – and more to come! Same as always: more places added to the list than ones removed from theView full post »

newbies #36

The other day, I sat down and wrote out a list (as you do) of photos I drive past on my way to and from work. I surprised myself – myView full post »

newbies #35

All bar one of these is at my local shopping centre. I swear I’m not there all that often, but I have so many images from thatView full post »

newbies #34

Too many photos. My brain hurts! That said, I’ve pretty much cleared my massive collection of images to post (just imagine all theView full post »

newbies #33

I’ve looked at over a thousand of my photos (one by one!) at least once today, so my brain is absolutely overflowing with images.View full post »

newbies #32

Must. Clear. Backlog. Must. Clear. Backlog. So many photos, so little time! Hah – that’s an absolute joke, as I know full wellView full post »

newbies #31

When written down, it looks like I photograph the most uninteresting places. Take this lot, for example: the side of a shop, a sign on aView full post »

newbies #30

For some reason, it’s all about neutral, yellow and turquoise lately. Neutral is far from unusual, since we’re pretty muchView full post »

newbies #29

Just a little bit excited about these next few batches of photos. I think I’ve talked about this before, but I love when I go out onView full post »

newbies #28

Yayyy! Massive backlog of city photos from my expedition (two weeks ago!) now cleared… next up, my big industrial drive from lastView full post »

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