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Monthly Archives: February 2016

newbies #143

I came across a quote a while ago that I really identified with: I’ve thought that when people appear in a picture, they automatically areView full post »

urban landscape photography

I’ve always debated with myself what my “style” of photography actually is… and landscape seems to suit the best.View full post »

newbies #142

I don’t know if it is just the glaring sunlight at the moment, but I have so many yellow photos that I could pretty much just do aView full post »

newbies #141

I’ve worked out a way of going through my photos that fixes my sense of being overwhelmed with the sheer number of them, so now as aView full post »

newbies #140

The best days to photograph industrial areas are Sundays and public holidays… that way I’m just about guaranteed no one beingView full post »

newbies #139

Drumroll please…. that’s it – the last photos posted from 2015! That is, until I go back and find all the ones I missedView full post »

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