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My kind of landscape is the result of a personal project to photograph and document the places around me that I find interesting. This journey started as a challenge to myself, and it has evolved into more than I ever could have anticipated.

During this project, my eyes have been trained into seeking out line, colour and contrast. I now find ‘beauty’ everywhere – especially in places that most would not consider to be beautiful. With this in mind, I deliberately compose my images to exclude any obvious items that might convey the whereabouts of each photograph. My intention is to remove any preconceived ideas and associated memories a particular location may invoke, and leave the exact position as an open, unanswered question.

Through my images, I hope to show these ‘urban’ landscapes in a way that inspires others to notice their surroundings more, and to appreciate them for what they are. These photographs are far from the traditional type of landscape photography… but they’re my kind of landscape.



Ann Doljanin is a photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. She has a strong background in print and design, and graduated with a Diploma of Photoimaging from the Commercial Arts Training College. In her spare time, you’ll find her photographing walls, and you can be forgiven for thinking she has a bit of an obsession with straight lines.

If you’re interested, you can find more of her photographs at

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