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before/after #15

Yet another unexciting change – and it made me think about the way in which colour and contrast affects how I see the world around me. The only reason I looked at this mailbox when I drove past the second time was to see how much it had changed – if I hadn’t photographed it before, I would have paid no attention to it whatsoever… and it sure wouldn’t have caught my eye this time around. I’m not even sure if I would have noticed it if I had walked past (when I’ve got more time to look at things) – it’s pretty mediocre now. It’s obvious that the business has changed hands – I wonder what is the process that dictates the way in which it is re-painted? Sure, if it’s a large chain store these things would be pretty well set out in a style guide… but what about small businesses? Do they hire someone to redecorate? I’ve always been of the opinion that my photographs purely document my surroundings and the way I see the world – I can take no credit for the amazing colour schemes or places I find. Someone else visualised and created that… all I’m doing is showing them to you.


17/03/13 ~ 5:47pm


07/12/14 ~ 4:53pm

… please excuse the vignette on the first photo. It was early on in the series!


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