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before/after #16

If you happened to be looking for an example of just how much shadows change position depending on the time of year, this would be a pretty good one. Yes, the shopping centre has had a coat of paint, I’m standing in a slightly different position and there’s around half an hour time difference… but how incredible is the change? I had the best of intentions to try and take a photo on the shortest and the longest day of the year to compare them (does that even make sense? it did in my head, but that’s not necessarily saying a lot!) – and I also had the best of intentions of taking this at exactly the same time… the problem is that 8:19am at this spot now means I would be running late for work, so surely don’t plan on stopping to take a photo!


08/04/13 ~ 8:19am


24/12/14 ~ 8:48am



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