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before/after #16

If you happened to be looking for an example of just how much shadows change position depending on the time of year, this would be a prettyView full post »

before/after #15

Yet another unexciting change – and it made me think about the way in which colour and contrast affects how I see the world aroundView full post »

before/after #14

You’re going to have to take my word for the fact that this is even in the same place… and, to be honest – I’m notView full post »

before/after #13

It was awkward kneeling in the garden to take the first version of this, and it was definitely just as awkward the second timeView full post »

before/after #12

This is a very unexciting ‘after’ photo – definitely a scenario where I preferred the original! It is the side wall of aView full post »

before/after #11

This is another before/after combination that has been around for a little while… it’s just taken me a bit to get to it toView full post »

before/after #8.1

So… it turns out that I was a little bit over-excited when I photographed this last time… too excited to notice that itView full post »

before/after #10

I absolutely love this first photo… so this before/after makes me a little bit sad – the yellow/blue combination was so happyView full post »

before / after #9

I love these two in comparison – finding that space the first time I was there came as a big surprise, and finding how much it hadView full post »

before/after #8

I’ve driven past this wall what feels like a million times, but I’ve never stopped to take a photo of it. So, when the blackView full post »

before / after #7

…or, in this case – more like before/after/after. I drive past this place every day and it has been interesting watching theView full post »

before / after #6

This is the first before/after that is absolutely no longer there… no trace at all of what it was previously. It’s a strangeView full post »

before / after #5

Weirdly, most of my before/afters involve red… it is the most common colour (other than grey/neutral!) that I seem to find, but IView full post »

before / after #4

Another drastic before/after… and to be honest, I think I liked both versions of this building! The business is ‘RedstarView full post »

before / after #3

This is one of the more drastic before/afters, and I’ve got a few more to come. To be honest, I think this place has changed a coupleView full post »

before / after #2

I’m not entirely sure where I’m heading with this series – some of them show a completely different business, a differentView full post »

before / after #1

Here’s my second category/series thingie – ‘before’s and ‘afters’. I know I’ve written about howView full post »

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