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newbies #127

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll know I haven’t been posting as many photos as I have in past… fear not –View full post »

newbies #125

Yay for amazing weather, free time and relaxing! It’s nice to be catching up on a few things – computer and photos included.View full post »

newbies #124

I did have an idea of what I was going to write – but sadly experienced my first “white screen of death” (yes, it is aView full post »

newbies #123

I’ve spoken before about how life tends to fill with whatever is going on – when I’m being challenged it is quite oftenView full post »

newbies #122

For the sake of making sure I don’t repeat myself (again…), I’ve got very little to say! My camera is very neglected atView full post »

newbies #121

I’ve caught myself wondering where I found the time to complete my 365 project… particularly since for part of it I was workingView full post »

newbies #120

I don’t have many (self-imposed!) ‘rules’ when it comes to taking the photos I do. Well… other than my antics ofView full post »

newbies #119

Yay for photo drives in colourful industrial areas! I’ve been around this area a bit before, but somehow managed to miss a littleView full post »

newbies #118

It’s been a bit chaos around here lately – and my computer is agreeing with me! Lots of places I want to go, so hopefullyView full post »

coffee & colours

Recently I had the privilege of photographing some ‘local hangouts’ for TBC Magazine – a Brisbane quarterly street pressView full post »

newbies #117

It’s been an interesting last few weeks – on one hand they’ve flown by, but when I stop to think about the individualView full post »

newbies #116

Slowly getting that work/life/creative balance back in check… slowly! I’m having one of those ‘being a grown upView full post »

newbies #115

I hopped out of the car to take this first photo and attempted to hold myself still in the wind (semi-successfully… there’s aView full post »

newbies #114

Yay for photo walks, and yay for the time (and cooperative weather!) to be out and about. Lots of new places and things I’ve foundView full post »

newbies #113

This is getting ridiculous – other than today, the last time I went out with my camera was almost a month ago. I’ve got to fixView full post »

newbies #112

Ahhhh… colours! It’s been a while since I’ve been out with my camera, and I’m missing it. I doubt there will muchView full post »

newbies #111

One would be forgiven for thinking I’ve disappeared off the face of the earth (which, let me clarify – I haven’t)…View full post »

newbies #110

Right! Now we’re back on track… sort of. Did you know I was even walking around without a spare battery in my handbag? ShockView full post »

newbies #109

The creative process is a funny thing, and I guess everyone handles it differently. I’m the type of person who likes to be organisedView full post »

newbies #108

… I’m alive, I promise! Absolutely busting to get out with my camera and catch up with all the places I’ve missed, butView full post »

newbies #107

Despite severe lack of progress here, I promise I’ve been out and about with my camera! There’s a little project going on inView full post »

newbies #106

I’ve got nothing much to go with this lot – other than the shock realisation that next week is the last week of January. What?!View full post »

newbies #105

Bring on 2015, I said… then promptly disappeared for a week (and some)! 2015 got busy all of a sudden – I guess I should beView full post »

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