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decisions, decisions…

I haven’t picked up either of my ‘real’ cameras for just over two weeks, and haven’t opened the case of my Fuji for a month. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still taking some photos (they are here) – but nothing as serious as I have been! January was a bit of a chaos month, but it’s really hit me how much photography is part of the way I think and the way I work… and definitely the way I see things.

There’s some serious debating going on in my head at the moment – and my ‘365’ journey is well and truly part of it. I hate doing things for no reason, and I hate wasting time. I struggle to have ‘time off’ – I keep seeing things that I want to photograph, but for some reason I’m not. Actually, that’s a lie – I know it’s because I can’t see the ‘big picture’. What I want the end result to be. Where this is taking me. What I want to do with it. Why I want to share it. Blah. It’s ridiculously complicated!

Either which way, I’ve just started having withdrawal symptoms, and I’m surprised it’s taken this long – I guess it’s because I jammed so much into the first two weeks of January! My reactions today were involuntary – I saw some pretty cool things and there was absolutely no option to drive past and not photograph them… I foresee I bit more of that in the future, somehow.

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