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extra #774

extra 7745:12pm, Valley: Day 294 ~ It was around about this time of year that I started to really notice the beautiful light in the Valley/City at this time of day… it reflects off the big panes of glass and bounces around in the most amazing ways. I absolutely LOVE it, especially because it changes so quickly. When I took this, it was the one that I thought would be ‘it’ for the day – without a doubt… but I didn’t end up choosing it (obviously!). Whilst I can’t really remember what my justification was for that choice, I certainly remember that it was an afternoon of grey desperation trying to find something on my way to class… and my blurb from that day certainly indicates that was the case! I had to wait for some people to walk past, so I did my good old ‘pretend to use my phone and I’m waiting for someone whilst casually leaning up against a power pole’ trick. I’m joking. Maybe.

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