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newbies #104

I’m sitting here with a stupid smile on my face for the most ridiculous of reasons… partly because this is the last of my 2014 photos, but more so because it brings that collection to exactly 700. And we all know that someone who likes straight lines and symmetry would probably be prone to liking significant numbers as well! All I need now is for this to be post #100 instead (or #105, at least!)… but I can’t have everything. This ‘finale’ is nowhere near as monumental as this time (minus 7 days!) last year – but it’s still a good time to look back and reflect on the places I’ve found, the things I’ve done, what I’ve learnt… and most importantly, how I’ve grown. I almost feel like my eyes have been widened more this time around – like 2013 was the hard slog of pushing every day, whereas 2014 was more about taking a step back and seeing what amazing things I could find without looking so hard for them. I had so many questions this time last year – and was very confused as to what I was doing and why it was I was doing it. Now? I still don’t really know, but that’s ok (it’s only taken me the best part of twelve months to come to terms with it). What I do know is that finding and photographing colourful walls (yes, I’ve come to terms with that, too!) makes me happy, and that having such a creative balance in my life is so so important.

Bring on a colourful, contrasty 2015!


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