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newbies #109

The creative process is a funny thing, and I guess everyone handles it differently. I’m the type of person who likes to be organised and have everything worked out nice and early…  but whether that goes to plan or not is another story! That said, I think I’ve produced some of my best ‘stuff’ under tight deadlines and pressure, but then with it disappears some of the fun… it’s a mighty fine line. I’ve been busy thinking about something else lately, so haven’t been taking many photos. Big mistake. You think I’d know by now that having some sort of balance between work/life/creativity is so important, but I forgot! Life got in the way and I didn’t stop to make the time. I’ve also just realised how many places I drive past with internal dialogue of: “that looks cool… should I stop? Nah, too late now…” – and it stays as that. It is good not to be borderline-obsessive, but something about it isn’t quite working for me.


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