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newbies #117

It’s been an interesting last few weeks – on one hand they’ve flown by, but when I stop to think about the individual bits there’s a LOT that’s happened! For the first time, I’ve actually met in person two of the creative individuals that I’ve discovered through the big bad world of social media… its a strange way of meeting people, but it’s nice to put some faces to names, and it’s good to be out and about. Over the weekend we stopped so I could take a photo of some amazing half-painted roller doors… and as I was about to hop out the painter also turned up. I swore. My husband laughed at me. Sadly, I missed out on that photo! Next day they didn’t look quite as good, but at least I’ve got something! (second last photo – the red was all still there the day before). Also, why do I keep taking photos of toilet windows?! Never realised that security bars were the perfect width to hold a roll of toilet paper.


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