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newbies #25

The other day I listened to a photographer (the dude that’s almost the sole reason I use the camera I do) talking about ‘finding’ a photo in an interesting spot… and by finding, I mean finding. He talked about turning up at a location and not just taking the first photo you saw, but instead taking the time to explore different options. Actually, I wrote it down! His words: “There’s a photo here. Now, I just have to go and find it”. So, so true. On Sunday, I glanced back over my shoulder – past a spot that I’d taken a photo at… and the change in perspective really was intriguing. He also talked about taking a ‘5″6 photo’ (I take it that’s how tall he is?!) – you know the one… the one you take when you first pull your camera out and point it at something without thinking about it properly. It’s usually pretty mediocre (in my case, VERY mediocre!). And oh I have so so SO many of those! It’s becoming less often, but I have plenty of examples where I’ve taken that photo and decided ‘it wasn’t working for me’ and moved on. Actually, I’ve climbed in the car and said those words out loud – and I know I’ve even written them! Sure, I know sometimes things just weren’t ‘working for me’… but usually, it just meant I was the one who wasn’t working for it.

Thinking about that and reaching that conclusion is quite eye opening. Really!


Recognise the second ‘one way’ sign? Day 157 – I normally wouldn’t take the same photo again, but the light was glorious.

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