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newbies #26

I was looking at my blog title the other day (actually – when I was having dramas with the cover of my book!) and thinking how my ‘365 days. 365 photos. one creative year’ has turned into so much more than that. I’ve always said I think in pictures – and now I get to make those pictures into a concrete thing, I guess! 365 days: that’s turned into a lifetime, I’m pretty sure. 365 photos: I’d achieved that early, early on (day 68, to be precise!). As for ‘one creative year’ – hah. If only I had known quite how that year would change me creatively. Now I see a million and one photos everywhere, and I swear I spend my week days planning where I’ll go to take photos on the weekend. If I can’t stop, I write it down. If I’ve got a place to go to, I think about how I can detour past one of my spots on the way. I add locations to my list faster than I can get them off my list. I think I’m taking more photos now than I ever was. That’s ok – I’m happy! I heard/read something somewhere (no idea where, it just stuck with me) that taking a photo a day is similar to meditation. It makes you take time out from everyday craziness. It makes you slow down, stop, think… and concentrate on something beautiful.

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