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newbies #29

Just a little bit excited about these next few batches of photos. I think I’ve talked about this before, but I love when I go out on a super duper photo walk and start to forget what I photographed – it’s such an awesome feeling watching them download/ scrolling through the images on my camera, and rediscovering all the fabulous places I discovered. Yeah, I know it’s weird. I can admit it, so it’s all good with me! I had a massive list of places to visit – some needed sunlight, some needed shade – and I got both. Not always when I needed them, but that’s the fun (and pain) of it… and now I’ve still got plenty of places to go back to. Case in point – I ran back up those stairs when the sun came out, to find it had gone behind a cloud by the time I got to my spot. Cruel! Pretty much all of these are on my drive to and from work, and I find it incredibly interesting just how many photographs I can find in that¬†13km round trip… and there’s many, many more to come!

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