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newbies #31

When written down, it looks like I photograph the most uninteresting places. Take this lot, for example: the side of a shop, a sign on a wall, a tap and a drainpipe, a car park space and (another!) wall, stairs at a shopping centre, and a service station window. Woohoo, how exciting! But… that’s on paper (a screen!) and just a couple of words. I’m not going to use that glorious cliche of a certain number of words and a picture – but it’s interesting. More than once I’ve been asked what I photograph or what style of work I produce – if you just so happened to be asking about what type of photos I enjoy taking with my ‘real’ camera (!!), that’s easy to answer. These, on the other hand… I’ve got absolutely no idea what classification they fall into. I’ve been doing some research to try and find others who take similar photos to me or styles I find similarities with – but in terms of classification, it aint easy! I’m coming up with blanks. Line and colour (and walls – I’ll begrudgingly admit it) is all I’ve got. Geometry, maybe? I do love light and shadows, but that’s a given. Shapes? Not all the time. Goodness only knows.

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