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newbies #32

Must. Clear. Backlog. Must. Clear. Backlog. So many photos, so little time! Hah – that’s an absolute joke, as I know full well what it’s like to be pushed for time and running on empty, and I’m a long long LONG way away from that stage. Priorities, right?! Lately I’ve been getting much more enjoyment from being out, finding and taking photos more than actually copying them onto my computer and looking at them. It’s a bit strange. I don’t mind – it’s nice to not have to be on a computer every night, and definitely nice to not feel like I’m looking at a screen for 90% of the hours that I’m awake! One of these images I can see from our office window at work, so I knew I needed to photograph it before it changed! I know I look a bit weird when I’m taking photos of stuff most of the time, but I definitely did so when I found those shadows on the textured panels they put on the sidewalk (what are they called?!)!

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