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newbies #58

… and we’re back in Brisbane! I think I’ve been to the location of the first photo at least three times previously to photograph that wall, but there’s always someone there. Seriously, who on earth lines up outside a hardware store waiting for it to open on a Sunday morning?! Some people are way too keen. Well – in hindsight… I’ve been there waiting to take a photo, so maybe I’m the strange one. Maybe it’s a little more than maybe. On a side note – that is actually what the colours look like – no photoshop trickery going on, they’re really that vibrant! The purple wall is brand spankingly new being purple as well… this is much nicer that what it used to be, and I was very thankful for an interesting shadow to give it some sort of contrast. I can’t wait for that tree to be in flower – the flowers will be yellow, and that colour contrast will be heaven! Different kind of angle for me compared to normal – I’m working (sometimes consciously, sometimes subconsciously… yay!) on pushing myself outside my comfort zone and usual routine.

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