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newbies #72

Photo number 2 (or the one that should be titled #3, whichever way you want to look at it!) is the Toowoomba location I’ve wanted to take a photo of for AGES. It mightn’t seem like anything special to you, but once I have an image in my head it will stick there (and give me a not so gentle nudge every now and then to remind me) until I’ve actually taken it. Just in case you were wondering what happens if I don’t take a photo before the place changes… I will then think of that photo I wanted to take every single time I drive/walk/go past and every single time I drive/walk/go past I will mentally kick myself for not making the effort… the first time. Trust me, there’s a few of those, and it’s a mighty vicious cycle. The whole regret thing (and the process of avoiding it!) certainly makes me do some strange things.

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