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newbies #74

Do not let the length of this post fool you into thinking that I don’t have a lot of photos to go through, because I do. The honest truth is that I’ve been spending a lot of time sorting and categorising things in my head (I’ll share one day, it’s ‘complicated’!) and suddenly I’m finding myself not wanting to post images from multiple locations/trips together, and/or think that they have different styles and don’t match. I guess in a way that is true, but it’s a little weird how it seems to have happened in a hurry. This little collection is from a few weeks (?? maybe, I don’t remember) ago – a quick trip to a shopping centre, and surprise, surprise… I found something to photograph. I finally bought a lens hood for this camera (only how many months/years too late?) so now I don’t have to awkwardly try and shade my camera with my hand (the success rate is proportional to my coordination skills… enough said). I’m loving it, as now I can actually concentrate on what I’m doing.

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