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newbies #76

There’s a photo in this series that I was a little intimidated to go and take by myself… so I asked my lovely husband to come with me. To his credit, he did (although I’m 98% sure he didn’t want to!). I tend to ask him to be my wingman when I think I’m going to be questioned about being a terrorist, or when I’m going somewhere I possibly shouldn’t be (he’s my getaway driver). This time, I was casually taking a photo of a fire escape door (as I often tend to do), and turned around to see him inspecting (read: shaking) the fire evacuation ladder thingie, trying to work out how it was attached or some hinge or some engineering contraption that his brain thinks about. Which one looked more suspicious do you think? Him, or me?! The combination was pretty awful – between the two of us, we looked like we were scoping the place out, I swear.

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