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newbies #80

Today I went out for lunch and decided that I should drive past a place I’ve wanted to photograph (for a little while) on my way home… to discover that it has been demolished. Gone. Nothing left. An empty block, surrounded with a boring fence. You have no idea just how frustrating and annoying this is! It was an amazingly colourful building, covered in graffiti/street art – a brick building and a garage door. It was awesome, but no words I can use will explain it – a picture would, though. It’s just like the incredible yellow building with green grass against it that then got covered with signs before I took a photo of it. Just like that orange wall with beautiful yellow sunflowers that died before I managed to get there to take a photo of them. It’s like the incredible old wooden garage door that oozed character, covered in vines and creepers… that has now been replaced with a standard, boring roller door. Why haven’t I photographed these places? I don’t know, but now all that’s left of them is the picture in my head. Photographs are an incredibly important way of documenting the world around us – and I still maintain any photo is better than no photo. Blurry, grainy, with the wrong settings, wrong camera, wrong lens – who cares. Something tangible is better than a memory you can’t articulate and one that will fade with time. I’ve got plenty of photos to post, but I’ll just share one… I made sure I took a photo of this before it disappears, at least! 


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