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newbies #83

I can’t believe I’m up to edition #83 of my newbies (and I still think that’s a ridiculous name) – this post makes a grand total of 568 ‘newbies’ (!!!) and as of today I’ve got just shy of 5,000 photos in my collection for 2014. Don’t worry – my hit and miss rate isn’t really that awful – there’s plenty of locations that never make it to a blog post. I also tend to take a few photos of each location with stupid manoeuvres like ‘oh wait, half-a-shuffle-to-the-right… no, too far… just back a bit… whoops, tilt this way, bend that way, rotate 0.1 degrees in that direction, lean forward, no… backward a bit… squat down, stand up, no… half way in the middle…’ – you get the drift? Actually the main one is more like ‘oh ****, I can see myself. Tuck your arms in, woman! Think skinny. Turn sideways, bend yourself into some ridiculous angle, and hope to god that no one is watching…’. Alternately (and just as regularly) there is ‘[glare at camera] no. that doesn’t work. try again. different angle. there’s a picture here, I just need to find it. no. walk backwards. forwards. landscape? portrait? no. argh! get it right!’ Yep. That’s my life. Believe it or not, it’s quite rewarding.

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