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I have tried so hard to get out and take photos lately, but things keep happening. Stuff needs to get done. Even the best plans can be so easily messed up. Really, life gets in the way. And it irritates me. I’m a person who loves structure (have you noticed?!) – and the lack of it means I’m not getting out and photographing the things I want to – guess I’ll have to do something about that, right?!

My computer is away being repaired at the moment – hence the lack of ‘extras’. So – I’ve got a couple of ‘newbies’ to share (stupid name – no idea what else to call them). I’m determined not to photograph the same place twice, and not cross over locations between devices… it’s fun trying to remember them all. Lately I’ve been absolutely disgusted at the amount of cool places I’ve discovered near my place… where the hell were they when I needed them last year?! Oh, wait. They were there, alright. I just couldn’t see them.

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