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extra 3771:33pm, Bowen Hills: Day 159 ~ Every now and then I find random things that make me laugh – and then also wonder how many other people notice them as well! So many of the places I’ve photographed have changed – new paint, new signs… and some of them have been completely demolished and aren’t there at all – which makes me a little sad, I guess. I don’t know how long this was here for – but it isn’t the same now. It makes me wonder if the ‘no smoking’ stickers were somewhere else first, and if someone moved them over the sign… or if the original ‘sticker-on-ner-er’ was responsible?!

extra 60511:50am, Uralla: Day 209 ~ The clouds were racing past on the day I took this photo – and, whilst that caused havoc with my camera settings, it ended up giving me a pleasant result I was not expecting! I first shot this in complete shade (which quickly disappeared) and I ended up with this instead. I absolutely love the shadow that the roof gives in contrast against the bright, bright yellow paint. It’s an interesting choice to have to make – colours in sunlight are much more vibrant and contrasty… but that’s when you have to do battle with shadows! This day, thankfully, they worked in my favour.

extra 7745:12pm, Valley: Day 294 ~ It was around about this time of year that I started to really notice the beautiful light in the Valley/City at this time of day… it reflects off the big panes of glass and bounces around in the most amazing ways. I absolutely LOVE it, especially because it changes so quickly. When I took this, it was the one that I thought would be ‘it’ for the day – without a doubt… but I didn’t end up choosing it (obviously!). Whilst I can’t really remember what my justification was for that choice, I certainly remember that it was an afternoon of grey desperation trying to find something on my way to class… and my blurb from that day certainly indicates that was the case! I had to wait for some people to walk past, so I did my good old ‘pretend to use my phone and I’m waiting for someone whilst casually leaning up against a power pole’ trick. I’m joking. Maybe.

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5:24pm, Banyo: Day 75 ~ When I first saw this door, I had just driven around a corner to find a forklift in the middle of the road struggling to carry a Hilux… and, since I was still recovering from that sight, I nearly missed this! It was also a week day (with lots of people!) so I saved this spot for a weekend… I’ve lost count of how many weekends I’ve spent chilling out in industrial areas! Love the yellow and how it contrasts against the blue – such happy, summery colours – and so strange to find them together in an industrial setting. I’m intrigued by the letterbox slot with it’s little weather shield… what was underneath it that caused all those scratches in the paint?

extra 4428:02am, Clayfield: Day 169 ~ I walk past this every morning on the way to the train – and it’s amazing how much these shadows change depending on what time of day and year it is. Seeing them (and looking at them!) daily has really made me pay attention to it – when it’s cloudy, they’re hardly there… in summer, they’re well and truly gone by this time of day! So many of my photos have ended being ‘right place, right time’ more than I would have thought. This one won’t be the same until June 2014! I love how the lines are so straight, and how the number and light switch somehow add some contrast/ context to the pattern. I know I’ve talked about it a lot – but I honestly think this image wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting if it was just a shadow on a wall!

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