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5:24pm, Banyo: Day 75 ~ When I first saw this door, I had just driven around a corner to find a forklift in the middle of the road struggling to carry a Hilux… and, since I was still recovering from that sight, I nearly missed this! It was also a week day (with lots of people!) so I saved this spot for a weekend… I’ve lost count of how many weekends I’ve spent chilling out in industrial areas! Love the yellow and how it contrasts against the blue – such happy, summery colours – and so strange to find them together in an industrial setting. I’m intrigued by the letterbox slot with it’s little weather shield… what was underneath it that caused all those scratches in the paint?

extra 4428:02am, Clayfield: Day 169 ~ I walk past this every morning on the way to the train – and it’s amazing how much these shadows change depending on what time of day and year it is. Seeing them (and looking at them!) daily has really made me pay attention to it – when it’s cloudy, they’re hardly there… in summer, they’re well and truly gone by this time of day! So many of my photos have ended being ‘right place, right time’ more than I would have thought. This one won’t be the same until June 2014! I love how the lines are so straight, and how the number and light switch somehow add some contrast/ context to the pattern. I know I’ve talked about it a lot – but I honestly think this image wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting if it was just a shadow on a wall!

extra 8599:03am, Wilston: Day 321 ~ I had been to take this photograph once before, but there were people sitting out the front (drinking beer!)… definitely a surefire way to get me to disappear rapidly! All I’d seen was the window and the red – so I had a little chuckle to myself when I eventually got to take this and saw the ashtray sign. I wonder if it was installed like that, or if an inventive staff member had labelled it over time?! The red is so bold and strong, and I love the contrast of it against the brown and windows. The colour scheme is so simple – and I like how the red danger sign so very conveniently ties in!

When I first started taking my daily photo, I didn’t take into account all the additional photos I’d end up with… the ones that ‘didn’t make the cut’ for that particular day. I also didn’t think about the fact that some of those ‘extras’ would end up being better (in my mind) than some of the actual 365 ones. So… that’s why I started my ‘extras’ page – and it seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. Unfortunately, that page grew and grew and grew and now contains a massive 1,006 images. Who has the time, patience, or internet speed to sit through all those?!

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that I wanted to share some of them. Some of them I love, I’m proud of and I want others to actually see…not for them to sit on my hard drive or a random web page and never touched again. I’m hoping that the more images I share, the more chances are that maybe you’ll look at it and think ‘hey! I know where that is!’ – which is pretty much my favouritest thing ever about this whole project.

My next blog post will be one from my ‘extras’. I’m going to choose my favourites (at random – so don’t be alarmed by the number!) and write the little blurb that I normally do. There will be no schedule, and none of this ‘’ rubbish – I’m well and truly over that process! No more pressure, no more having to plan my day around my photo location (you have no idea how good that sounds and is!) – just sharing of images. I think I’ll enjoy it!

PS – this is the first blog post in a long time with no photo – the last time was this day (there’s only two so far). Not to worry, I’ll soon fix that!

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