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Things are looking up – I’ve rediscovered a lot of photos on my computer that I thought I had already posted (turns out that’s not the case) and I’ve been rushing around just a touch less – allowing me to pull over and take photos of things I see on my drive. It’s wonderful! I now have a new route to work as well so the more I travel it, the more interesting things I see and look forward to seeing on my daily commute – it makes the short trip quite busy in between noticing how the light changes throughout the year and the change in weather… whilst paying attention to the rest of the traffic, of course!


I had planned  on writing a special blog post when I had posted my 1,000th photo… but that went out the window when we bought a house/moved/started an extensive fixer-upper project (which we’ll doing for quite some time!). My computer is on the floor, I’m sitting on a bean bag with the keyboard in my lap – classy, I know. My desk is still downstairs as I refuse to carry it upstairs until it has a place to live. I’ve got 413 photos to go through, dating back from March – I didn’t think it was that long, but metadata never lies!


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