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I’ve worked out a way of going through my photos that fixes my sense of being overwhelmed with the sheer number of them, so now as a result I have a lot of them to share. Most of these were taken early in the year… it’s only taken a month and a half to get them up here!


The best days to photograph industrial areas are Sundays and public holidays… that way I’m just about guaranteed no one being around and those horrible questions of what I’m actually doing taking photos of (conveniently) their doors, fire escapes, electrical boxes and any other suspicious thing you can think of! Mind you, I’m sure most of it is in my head, as I’ve only been questioned once in the last 3 years (although it’s possible I run away too quickly for people to catch me?!), and that was by a cleaner. On a Sunday. And once I told him I was taking a photo of the door and that I liked symmetry he proceeded to tell me he liked symmetry as well and to go down and around the next street, he thought I’d like it. My only other “confrontation” was when I was taking photos of someone’s gate and his neighbour rang to tell him… I’d left by then so the owner proceeded to chase me up the hill and want to see my photo. For some reason he seemed quite disappointed that I found his gate interesting.


Drumroll please…. that’s it – the last photos posted from 2015! That is, until I go back and find all the ones I missed because I was sick of looking at them, which would never happen. It’s nice to have that ticked off the list. I took a lot less photos in 2015 – the figure is only just over a quarter of the amount in 2014. I don’t know if that is good or bad, and/or if it was a quality vs quantity thing?! I’d like to hope I’m getting better and that my eye is still developing, but I guess I’ll never really know.



Is it weird that I find looking at my own photographs calming? They’re a little picture of my day – the fun things I’ve found, the places I’ve been and the stories in my head that surround them. I remember how I found them, how many times I’ve been back, what the weather was like, where I stood… how I looked and saw what was in front of me. Seems like a lot to take from one photo (and there are so many of them!!), but I can tell you about the majority of them! I figure the ones I’ve forgotten (which are few and far between… I keep wondering how long I’ll remember for) clearly aren’t as important as the others.


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