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I’ve always debated with myself what my “style” of photography actually is… and landscape seems to suit the best. Sure, you might occasionally find a plant in them, but that’s about as close as I get to the traditional style (or, at least – what I think of when I think of landscape photography). I take photos of walls. Nice ones, admittedly, but walls nonetheless! On a whim last year I decided to enter a competition… and to my extreme surprise I was chosen as runner up – in the landscape category. Below are the six images I chose to submit as my portfolio – they’re officially Runner Up – 2015 Landscape Photographer of the Year. You can see the online post here, and if you happen to get a copy of the February issue of the Australian Photography magazine you’ll find a double page spread with my photos on it. Certainly a pleasant surprise to find that some other people consider my photos to be “landscapes”!

PS – in case you wanted to know why I’m not in the reflection of the mirror, it’s because I’m standing very carefully just out of view… it’s very rarely you’ll find me in a reflection or a shadow, as I try very hard not to!

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