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Monthly Archives: November 2014

before/after #13

It was awkward kneeling in the garden to take the first version of this, and it was definitely just as awkward the second timeView full post »

newbies #96

I have found some seriously colourful places lately – you know… the kind of amazingness that you see in full sunshine thatView full post »

newbies #95

There was a time when I was quite seriously concerned that I would end up with more photographs in 2014 (when I wasn’t working on aView full post »

newbies #94

I had one of those moments a couple of days ago that really reminded me just how much my silly little project is now well and trulyView full post »

before/after #12

This is a very unexciting ‘after’ photo – definitely a scenario where I preferred the original! It is the side wall of aView full post »

newbies #93

I quite regularly drive past somewhere that catches my eye and then get caught up in the internal debate of wondering if it’s worthView full post »

newbies #92

What can I say? I had a colourful weekend! With lots of orange in it, strangely. Red and blue are by far the easiest colours to find (andView full post »

newbies #91

It’s a corrugated & door kind of day. I find it amazing how one ‘type’ of material can look so different!View full post »

before/after #11

This is another before/after combination that has been around for a little while… it’s just taken me a bit to get to it toView full post »

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