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extra #208

4:47pm, Coorparoo: Day 90 ~ Green vs green – not often I find one of these… particularly with such different shades! I love how theView full post »

extra #176

5:33m, Virginia: Day 75 ~ I tried to take a photograph of this so. many. times. but the place it is right next to was always open, and IView full post »

extra #153

5:34pm, Northgate: Day 33 ~ Can you guess where this is? I find it a bit weird… both the dodgy paint job and the two different reds.View full post »

extra #241

4:08pm, Slacks Creek: Day 111 ~ WARNING, it says… about what? Did the danger go away, or was it no longer relevant? There’sView full post »

extra #20

5:58pm, Albion: Day 11 ~ Another very old one – this is from my first real ‘photo-walk’ where I really started to noticeView full post »

extra #163

5:09pm, Kedron: Day 82 ~ Orange is an elusive colour… (as is purple) particularly when you’re looking for it! I took this whenView full post »

extra #105

2:15pm, Geebung: Day 55 ~ Definitely not my first photo of toilet doors, and I know it won’t be my last… Weirdo! I promiseView full post »

extra #148

1:18pm, Newstead: Day 68 ~ Sometimes the most simple of things are the hardest to photograph… I took quite a lot of the fence beforeView full post »

extra #102

1:48pm, Hendra: Day 55 ~ When I first saw this, I knew I needed to take a photo of it! It was crazy busy (in a car park) and I was in aView full post »

extra #170

5:36pm, Stafford: Day 76 ~ Someone HAS to know what business this is, right?! My favourite part about this photo is the yellow grateView full post »

extra #147

1:15pm, Newstead: Day 68 ~ I’m a bit strange in the fact that I like scaffolding – all those straight lines and repetitions ofView full post »

extra #179

5:18pm, Kedron: Day 82 ~ If you’ve read my blog for a while, or walked anywhere with me late in the afternoon (or morning, or…!)View full post »

extra #79

5:48pm, Northgate: Day 33 ~ Do you think the person that spray painted this could possibly have done a slightly neater job, and possiblyView full post »

extra #154

12:16pm, Toombul: Day 70 ~ Other than the base of the yellow, can you see a single curved line in here? I love it! I chilled out in my carView full post »

extra #233

4:51pm, Windsor: Day 110 ~ Ohhhh I love this building! The green is fabulous – and, to be honest – I only know what thisView full post »

extra #25

7:05am, Eagle Farm: Day 12 ~ Right place, right time for sure with this one! I love how perfectly the shadow finishes just at the bottom ofView full post »

extra #187

5:35pm, Brendale: Day 88 ~ I think I actually made some sort of ridiculous squeal of excitement when I first saw this – maybe ask myView full post »

extra #207

4:46pm, Coorparoo: Day 90 ~ This is an odd one – I don’t quite understand the point of having a fence in front of a wall likeView full post »

extra #109

2:29pm, Geebung: Day 55 ~ This was taken early on in the piece, and it is still one of my favourite images. My drive that day was the sortView full post »

extra #457

1:08pm, Roma St: Day 169 ~ While I’ve been choosing and posting these ‘extras’, I quite often start to write ‘I love this one!’ – butView full post »

extra #402

1:07pm, Toowoomba: Day 160 ~ Apart from the colour (who could miss that!) the thing that drew me to this place was the windows. IView full post »

extra #377

1:33pm, Bowen Hills: Day 159 ~ Every now and then I find random things that make me laugh – and then also wonder how many otherView full post »

extra #605

11:50am, Uralla: Day 209 ~ The clouds were racing past on the day I took this photo – and, whilst that caused havoc with my cameraView full post »

extra #774

5:12pm, Valley: Day 294 ~ It was around about this time of year that I started to really notice the beautiful light in the Valley/City atView full post »

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