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from the archives ~ the ‘extras’ series

When I first started taking my daily photo, I didn’t take into account all the additional photos I’d end up with… the ones that ‘didn’t make the cut’ for that particular day. I also didn’t think about the fact that some of those ‘extras’ would end up being better (in my mind) than some of the actual 365 ones. So… that’s why I started my ‘extras’ page – and it seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. Unfortunately, that page grew and grew and grew and now contains a massive 1,006 images. Who has the time, patience, or internet speed to sit through all those?!

The more I thought about it, the more I realised that I wanted to share some of them. Some of them I love, I’m proud of and I want others to actually see…not for them to sit on my hard drive or a random web page and never touched again. I’m hoping that the more images I share, the more chances are that maybe you’ll look at it and think ‘hey! I know where that is!’ – which is pretty much my favouritest thing ever about this whole project.

My next blog post will be one from my ‘extras’. I’m going to choose my favourites (at random – so don’t be alarmed by the number!) and write the little blurb that I normally do. There will be no schedule, and none of this ‘’ rubbish – I’m well and truly over that process! No more pressure, no more having to plan my day around my photo location (you have no idea how good that sounds and is!) – just sharing of images. I think I’ll enjoy it!

PS – this is the first blog post in a long time with no photo – the last time was this day (there’s only two so far). Not to worry, I’ll soon fix that!

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