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newbies #86

Another different manoeuvre in this lot – I’m so tricky! (who am I kidding?!) First photo in this lot was taken when pulled up at a set of traffic lights, and I leant across my poor husband (who was driving) and took it out his car window. Weirdly, I’ve never been at that intersection before, so it was a bit of a surprise! I’ve photographed the blue/white wall before, as well – but I’ve been admiring this shadow for a while now so needed to take a photo of it before it changes again. Also… it’s not uncommon for me to hear people say things about me or the thing I’m photographing when they pass by (remember this incident?) – this weekend was the funniest one I’ve had. Casually minding my own business, kneeling down to take a photo of a mailbox (as you do), and a car drives past – from which a male passenger yells ‘cheeeeese!’. It absolutely made my day!

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