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Is it weird that I find looking at my own photographs calming? They’re a little picture of my day – the fun things I’ve found, the places I’ve been and the stories in my head that surround them. I remember how I found them, how many times I’ve been back, what the weather was like, where I stood… how I looked and saw what was in front of me. Seems like a lot to take from one photo (and there are so many of them!!), but I can tell you about the majority of them! I figure the ones I’ve forgotten (which are few and far between… I keep wondering how long I’ll remember for) clearly aren’t as important as the others.


Turns out I had some photos I had taken and forgotten about… gone are the days of rushing to my computer as soon as I get home to copy off my new images!


I still don’t know why I take photos other than it is a creative outlet for me, and that it gets to the point that I just ‘need’ to. And I ‘need’ to share the amazing places I have found with other people so that they can enjoy them as well. Sometimes it feels like the second part is harder than the first!


I’m sure at the end of 2014 I was so much more concerned about clearing the backlog of images so that I started off 2015 as a fresh clean start… 2015 on the other hand was a completely different story. I think I might have even made a blog post talking about comparisons (or at least the number of photos) between 2013 and 2014. Just quietly – I haven’t even printed my books from 2014 yet! 2015 was a bit of a blur – or the second half was, anyway. Once I have finished with the 2015 photos I might have a chance to sit back and reflect on it, but for the time being I’m refusing to let myself (ok, maybe just a tiiiiiny bit!) look at my 2016 photos until I’ve ticked a few other things off the list.862_newbie_blog863_newbie_blog864_newbie_blog865_newbie_blog866_newbie_blog867_newbie_blog868_newbie_blog869_newbie_blog


I did have a Christmas photo to post but didn’t make it! Never mind, it just end up as a new year photo instead. I’m behind as it is, so may as well keep that track running for the time being…


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